ST. LOUIS – Frozen pipes from last week’s arctic blast have left a slew of people without water. For some, the problem persists, going on for a week with no end in sight.

When water flooded major portions of Annie Malone Children and Family Services Center earlier this week, a place usually helping others became the ones in need of help.

“We’re a crisis center, so a crisis center can’t be in crisis, right?” said Kiesha Lee, CEO for Annie Malone Children and Family Crisis Center.

The community coming out in droves. One company fixed the pipes free of charge.

“We’re constantly getting calls, asking ‘if we have room, what can we bring?’ What’s so heart-touching is that we had a father who we service asking, ‘How can we help?’ and that means a lot,” said Lee.

Despite this, the damage is already done, with those in need being housed instead at hotels. New floors and dehumidifiers are in dire need, costing money and time.

“Hoping it can be repaired within two to three weeks but until then, there’s a will, there’s a way,” said Lee.

Nearby, tenants at the apartment complex, The legends at Pasadena Hills, are still waiting on their water to be fixed after frozen pipes burst on Christmas day.

“I put all my decorations up, but it was like, this is not how Christmas is supposed to be. So I left,” said The Legends at Pasadena Hills Tenant, Kim Garner.

Garner tells us she’s spoken with tenants in three other apartments who have their ceilings caved in from water damage. At least 10 other residents are also struggling with similar issues.

“They need professional help. People have to eat, they have to bathe, they have to use the bathroom, they have children they’re taking care of. I’m pretty sure when they go home, there’s water at their house, so I don’t understand,” said Garner.

“It is ridiculous, I’ve been buying a lot of water. My dishes are stacked up in my sink, I can’t do anything,” said Christine Stephens, another tenant.

Both say they’ve been getting the run-around from management, and they’re worried they’ll have to move out if the problem doesn’t get fixed soon.

We reached out to The Legends at Pasadena Hills and have yet to hear back.

“It’s a shame, but they want the rent on time, let me tell you!” said Stephens, “They just don’t seem to care. It’s like they’re playing games.”