ST. LOUIS – They are part of a project that has helped to beautify south St. Louis, but Tuesday morning several big, bronze trail markers for the River Des Peres Greenway are missing after they were stolen.

We’re told nine markers are missing, two from every pillar at the Morganford/Carondelet/ /Germania interchange. Plus, one more marker was also taken from the entrance to the pedestrian bridge over the River Des Peres. The markers apparently vanished over the weekend.

There is a city surveillance camera right above the site where one of the thefts happened, but that has not led to any breaks in the case yet.

Many people have come to love the $3.5 million dollar River Des Peres Greenway since it was built 17 years ago. Besides the iconic markers, there are pretty brick sidewalks and ornate neighborhood cornerstones. The River Des Peres Greenway is part of the 130-mile Great Rivers Greenway network.

The Great Rivers Greenway is a public agency which spends about $20 million a year connecting St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County through greenways, paved walkways, and bike paths.

People we talked with are disappointed with the crimes.

“It’s our taxpayers’ dollars, and they’re supposed to build it all the way to St. Charles, you know down along the river,” said Mike DeSha, who lives along the River Des Peres Greenway.

Emma Klues with Great Rivers Greenway added, “We want people to have a wonderful experience on the greenways. We want people to have a good sense of place and have a sense of pride about where they are. So, we will put something back. If someone does see them or find them, we certainly would be able to reuse them.”

At this point, there is no cost estimate or timetable to replace the stolen markers.

You are urged to call police if you have any information.