ST. LOUIS – A couple woke up in their downtown hotel room early Monday morning to discover a bullet casing in their bed and a hole in their window.

It happened at the Pear Tree Inn, right next to CityPark on Market Street. The entire experience was something Debbie Andert never dreamed would happen.

“A bullet went through our window, pretty much right over my head, and landed in the wall,” Andert said.

Andert and her husband, Bart, were sleeping in their hotel room when they heard a loud noise just after 3 a.m.

“You know, you’re sleeping, and it’s a hotel. So, I was like, that was loud,” Andert said. “We both thought one of us made the noise, like hit something.”

Andert said they went back to sleep. But later that morning, she felt a metal object in the hotel bed.

“I thought it was one of my earrings!” she said. “I was like, wait, did I not clean well? I picked it up, and it was a bullet.”

The couple got up, inspected the room, and pieced together what had happened.

“In the wall, right above my head, a perfect circle. A bullet hole!” Andert said.

The couple had been out late after catching the St. Louis City SC playoff game across the street. They said they feel lucky they weren’t standing up when the bullet came flying in.

“I mean, we would have been the wall. That bullet wouldn’t be in the wall; it would have been in one of us,” Andert said. “So, that’s scary.”

The City SC season ticket holders said this scare won’t stop them from going downtown.

“I mean, the only thing I might do is bring a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor. That’s about it,” Andert said. “But we’ll stay here again. We’ll go to the games.”

A spokesperson for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed officers responded to the hotel Monday and recovered ballistic evidence. They said they are still investigating the matter.