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ST. LOUIS – Eight more businesses were broken into overnight in St. Louis, increasing the number of burglaries to 17 in two weeks. This adds to a rapidly growing list of victims with no suspects caught.

Thieves were caught on camera breaking into DB’s Sports Bar in the Soulard neighborhood on Thursday morning.

One of the masked thieves smashed the front door around 3:30 a.m. They were wearing the same sweatshirt shown in the burglaries on Wednesday and last week.

However, unlike other victims, nothing was taken.

Justin Gibson, the co-owner of DB’s Sports Bar, believes the open donut shop across the street spooked the thieves. The video showed them getting into their car and speeding off.

This is the fourth time DB’s has been broken into this year, costing them tens of thousands of dollars.

“You’re taking food out of our mouths,” Gibson said. “It’s already hard times with inflation, and now we’re having to make these repairs constantly, and hire extra security. We’re stretched very, very thin.”

DB’s is one of eight small businesses targeted in the latest wave of burglaries overnight, nearly doubling the total from nine to 17 in two weeks.

The thieves hit two places next to each other at the newly opened Winnie’s Wine Bar, and Hamilton’s Urban Steakhouse and Bourbon Bar.

“We’re going to be increasing our secondary patrols,” said St. Louis Alderman Jack Coatar. “They know this is a major issue, they’re going to be throwing the resources they have at this, and I know police are doing the best they can.”

The following businesses were burglarized in the past two weeks.

  • Field House Pub and Grill
  • Save A Lot
  • Mizu Sushi Bar
  • Pop’s Blue Moon
  • Honky Tonk Bar
  • Saucy Porka Midtown
  • The Island Frozen Yogurt and Liqueurs
  • Platypus Bar
  • Tropical Liqueurs

A spokesperson from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said the following statement:

“The department is investigating numerous business burglaries that have occurred over the past few weeks citywide. While known suspect descriptions vary, we do not have enough information at this time to believe they all have been committed by the same suspect(s) or group(s). At this time, it appears that there are likely several different individuals or groups that have taken advantage of a crime of opportunity. While our burglary squads continue to work diligently on these cases, we encourage businesses to [continue] taking proactive steps as many of them have already done. Businesses should activate their burglar alarms when they close for the night, remove all cash from registers if possible, and make sure any surveillance remains active after business hours.”

An investigation into a string of break-ins continues to put the restaurant industry in hot water.