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ST. LOUIS — Wednesday afternoon, outside of Gate 6 at Busch Stadium, people lined up to get inside. They weren’t going into the stands but rather under the stadium for a Cardinals concessionaire hiring event.

“Today, we have one of our job fairs looking to hire a bunch of different positions for the rest of the season,” said Mackenzie Rosener, the food and beverage director at Delaware North Sportservice. 

From concessions to food and beverage to retail, Delaware North expects to hire 90 to 100 people from these hiring events.

“We’re starting to have them at least two times a month. So we have one today on June 8 and another on June 18, said Rosener.  “We’re looking for cooks, supervisors, retail, and mobile running — various positions. So come on down.” 

After meeting with supervisors, the potential part-timers have to pass background checks and could begin working by this weekend, like Ryan Smith who is looking to start work as a stand attendant. 

“I have two cousins that have been stand attendants,” said Smith. “I just graduated from college and looking for a summer job.  They told me this is a great way to make some money over the summer.”

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