ST. LOUIS – Runways and highways were busy Sunday, with millions of people traveling during the busiest weekend of the year. For some, it was not only a busy travel day, but also an emotional one.

“Just bringing her back, and this is always the sad time, is when you have to say goodbye, but it’s not so long, so we’re looking forward to reuniting,” said Jason Bradley.

AAA said they expected more than 54 million people to drive more than 50 miles during the holiday weekend. TSA said more than eight million people took flights between Wednesday, Nov. 23 and Saturday, Nov. 26.

“There were probably 40 million of them in Philly. That’s where we left from was Philadelphia. We got there early to beat the rush. We failed,” said Michael and Cathi LaMarche. “But we got through. There were lines at 6:30, so I’m sure nationwide, the lines were just something else.”

The LaMarches said their flight was late leaving Philly for their connecting flight in Charlotte to get them back home to St. Louis.

“We caught them all. We’re here, thank God. We had about 20 minutes for our connecting flight. So we were running. Then they switched the concourse on us. So, we stopped, spun it back around, but our Fitbit is satisfied for the day,” Michael said.