ST. LOUIS – Thousands of flights have been disrupted because of the Arctic blast that affected a large part of the country. With lots more people expected to travel Christmas Day, the troubles may continue.

This is one of the busiest times of the year for air travel, and winter weather continues to disrupt holiday travel, leaving passengers with delays and cancellations.

For Jane Scott, it’s been quite a nightmare.

“Yesterday, we were supposed to leave from St. Louis to Detroit, and Detroit to Germany, and the Detroit flight got cancelled. So, we got replacement tickets, went back to the hotel,” she said.

Scott is trying to see her daughter—stationed in Germany with the Air Force—for Christmas. But when she tried to check in for the overseas flight, it was no longer on her app.

With her new flight to Detroit also delayed, she was stressed.

“I’m just trying to be patient because it’s not the airline’s fault. The people, the receptionists, they’re working Christmas Day, and they’re working hard to try to make it work,” Scott shared.

But then – a Christmas miracle. Scott said the airline was able to get her a direct flight to Germany.

Another miracle happened to Sharon Riojas.

“My flight from Houston got delayed yesterday, and then my flight from Jacksonville got delayed. And so, we missed our flight to be able to go home,” she explained.

When Riojas got to the airport, no one was there to check her in.

“They said they weren’t sure what time the lady would her here this morning. So, I was a little bit oh no, hopefully I can get home,” she said.

Riojas’ husband passed away last week, and she was in Texas visiting his family. She was trying to get home to see her son on for Christmas.

Fortunately, she was able to get checked in for her flight and head home.

“Christmas is going to be a little different from now on, but we’ll make it,” she said.