ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A camp for children with cancer is back at Babler State Park in Wildwood after going virtual for the past two years due to COVID.

The executive director of Camp Rainbow, Heather Bachman, said she is happy to return.

“It’s just amazing to be back in person, to be back on this campus, to be back in person with the kids and with our volunteers. It’s just a magical incredible experience. We’re so excited,” said Bachman.

The heat index was over 100 degrees Monday as the campers played outside, but it did not damper the kids’ mood.

Eight-year-old Adriel Dbritto of Kirkwood is living with leukemia, and he’s loving every minute of camp.

“I’ve been to the pool. I’ve gotten in a swimming pool and a snow cone,” said Dbritto.

He also mentioned an invaluable connection with kids like him.

Mason Currier, 11, of O’Fallon, Illinois, said he loves everything Camp Rainbow has to offer.

“We have a giant rec hall. We play a bunch of stuff like kickball and everything like Wiffle Ball. We have a sports field in the very back. It’s just a lot of fun. There’s also a giant swimming pool,” said Currier.

Currier said he likes to take a break from stress caused by his Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“It’s really fun because we always know that we can just talk to each other. We can help each other through everything that’s been going on for us all and that we just have each other’s back,” said Currier.

The campers still received their medical treatment.

“They’re able to hop in the health center get their treatments and then continue to have fun and be safe and experience camp,” said Bachman.

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