ST. LOUIS – Police are asking the public’s help in identifying a person of interest who might have crucial information about a woman murdered in south St. Louis in January.

They believe the man seen in the surveillance video might shed light on a murder case. On Jan. 16, 26-year-old Mahogany Jones was shot and killed next to a gas station in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

An eyewitness who wishes to remain anonymous said Jones was shot in a nearby alley and came begging for help at the Conoco gas station on California Avenue, where she collapsed and died shortly after. The person of interest is said to be a regular at the gas station. No motive has been released.

Since the beginning of 2023, out of the 27 murders reported in St. Louis, four have happened in Mount Pleasant.

The onslaught of crime is something residents in the Fox Park neighborhood, where the victim lived, said they feel every day.

“I have issues with people cutting in my yard with big, long guns and walking out with guns,” said Mychell Ford. “So I’ve seen it myself, so I’m very concerned, very.”

“We had an attempted carjacking last summer; we had someone that was shot on the corner, so it’s definitely prevalent,” said Topher Sladd. “We just weigh the pros and cons in the city.”

Anyone with information about the person of interest or his whereabouts is urged to contact the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Division at 314-444-5371.