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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Recreational marijuana will be legal in Missouri once it’s added to state law in December. Does that mean that people will be able to smoke or use marijuana products anywhere they want?

The answer is no. Recreational marijuana use will be restricted in similar ways to alcohol consumption.

“This does not legalize public use,” said Chip Sheppard, chairman of Marijuana Legal Group Carnahan Evans. “You can’t drive around smoking marijuana and with anyone in the vehicle smoking marijuana.”

Sheppard added that people cannot smoke marijuana in any public space. This includes parks, sidewalks, facilities, and so on. People cannot possess marijuana products on any public or private school property, regardless of age.

The amendment does not allow the use of marijuana in the workplace, though that may be up to the business’ policies. The amendment states that the law does not stop employers from disciplining employees if they are under the influence. The amendment also doesn’t stop employers from refusing to hire anyone under the influence.

“If you’re intoxicated at work,” Sheppard said. “Whether it’s opiates, marijuana, alcohol — this is not a pass for you.”

People who are renting properties may be disallowed to smoke, but the owners of that property may not limit smokeless consumption of marijuana.

People may not smoke marijuana anywhere that smoking tobacco is prohibited, according to the amendment.

People must be 21 or older to purchase marijuana. People who are younger than 21 could be fined or charged for possessing or using marijuana. People are not allowed to give or sell marijuana products to people under the age of 21.

Feb. 6 is when people can begin to purchase recreational marijuana in Missouri.