ST. LOUIS — It’s another hazy day in St. Louis with temperatures returning to the 80s to near 90 today. Wildfire smoke from eastern Canada is being drawn southwest into our region. Some people have also reported smelling the smoke in the air.

There is an orange air quality alert for the St. Louis area. People with heart or lung disease, elderly people, and children should limit time outdoors.

Canadian wildfire smoke in Missouri
Canadian wildfire smoke in Missouri

These fires are in eastern Canada. A blocking pattern in the atmosphere is sending the smoke as far west as Kansas City. The smoke is heaviest along the east coast of the United States.

The smoke looks like a milky haze to the skies, despite the blue sky breaking through. The smoke appears to be thinner than Monday.

A weak front will drift across the region from northeast to southwest Wednesday with a couple of showers or spot storms possible. Moisture is very limited, so coverage is going to be very sparse and of little help in easing dry conditions.

The odds for beneficial rain are increasing over the weekend. Many areas could be in line for the heaviest rain in weeks.