ST. LOUIS – Thieves broke into nearly a dozen cars in south St. Louis over the weekend, but locals there said this is nothing new.

This happened near Hampton and Fyler. One man shared that he feels like it’s only a matter of time before the thieves come back again.

The owners of eight cars parked near Hampton and Fyler cleaned up shattered glass after a group of thieves broke into their cars this weekend. Sayed Ahmed lives in the area that was hit. He said the break-ins started earlier in the summer. That’s when he set up a security camera, which captured some of the break-ins. However, the video isn’t clear enough to identify the thieves.

Ahmed said he takes out all of his valuables from the car every night to hopefully avoid becoming a target. He and his family have lived there for more than 10 years and safety has never been a concern before until now.

“People are scared and people are so frustrated,” Ahmed said. “Because this is not the first time. This is about 15 or 16 times break-ins in the past two months of 45 days I would say. I heard that they were able to get away with two of the cars. So they stole two cars and they broke into the rest of the cars.”

St. Louis police is asking anyone with information about these car break-ins to come forward.