ST. LOUIS – The 26th Cardinals Care Winter Warm-up continues this weekend in St. Louis. This is the Cardinals Care Foundation’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

For the first time in three years; fans had the chance to attend in-person and interact with more than 50 Cardinals players, coaches, and former players at Busch stadium and Ballpark Village.

“I’m really excited – mostly excited for Adam Wainwright’s autograph,” Leighton Miethe shared.

“It’s really cool to just get a chance to come out here and see everybody just being excited about Cardinals baseball,” Kay Bland explained.

“They’ve been looking forward to this,” Nick Miethe expressed. “This is actually a birthday present for them. Their birthdays are both close to Christmas, so this is the way we celebrate it. Other than gifts, we come down here.”

The event went virtual in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was canceled in 2022 amid the MLB lockout.

“This is my second time, and I’m very excited to meet all the players,” Wayland Miethe said.

“We also get to meet Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt today, which I am extremely excited about,” said Stephanie Mata.

This is the largest fundraiser for Cardinals Care, the team’s charity.

“We think it’s awesome that the Cardinals do this for the Cardinals Care, that this benefits fans all over the world. This is a great event, and I’m glad it’s back,” said Miethe.

Something new this year – fans who buy Winter Warm-Up tickets can enjoy a tour of the Cardinals Clubhouse and admission to the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum.

The Cardinals Clubhouse tour is an exclusive opportunity that only happens during Winter Warm-Up weekend.