ST. LOUIS – Cardinals fans flocked to Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village on Wednesday as the Redbirds hosted the Arizona Diamondbacks.

“I don’t know, the air is different, right? I can’t put a pin on it. But there’s something about day baseball that just makes it worth it,” said Brian Shipley, a Cardinals fan.

Ahead of the game, meteorologists from FOX 2 and KPLR 11 were at the ballpark for Weather Day. They brought families down for some science activities.

“The weather balloon going up. That was my favorite part,” said Rowen Sanders.

“They exploded, and it went everywhere. I saw some people get wet,” said Melody Treece, who was referring to the balloons.

Science experiments like the soda pop in the bottle with mentos, the weather wizards creating fog on the field, a balloon launch, and Fredbird kept everyone entertained.

The Weather Day at Ballpark Village was a hit with everyone, with winds that picked up as the day went on.

“With the wind blowing like it is today, we’ve only seen one home run so far,” said Alex Shipp, a Cardinals fan.”But yeah, it tends to jump with the heat. It’s in the 80s today, so maybe we’ll see a couple of Cardinal home runs before this one’s over.”