ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Cardinals have been playing great this season and fans have an extra sense of the baseball buzz.

“We’ve only had three losses in St. Louis since July 15,” said Carson Shipley, with the Cardinals’ Communications team. “The combination of the team playing well, the milestones, the great play, it’s really got the fans excited.”

Six of the last seven home games have been sold out. Fans want to be there for Albert Pujols’ historic home run chase, Yadi and Waino’s battery record, and the amazing play of Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado.

“People really want to see this team play and they really want to see the milestones, so they can be with their family, experience those memories,” Shipley said.

On Tuesday, the St. Louis Cardinals Team Store was busy not only with shoppers but also workers, restocking after a frenzied weekend.

“The fans are out in abundance to support all the guys on the team. It’s really great and really exciting,” said Stephanie Spargur with the Team Store.

Shirts and hats were flying off the shelves, with a couple of players’ gear standing out.

“If it has a four or a five on in, we’re doing pretty well with it,” Spargur said.

The Team Store continued to work to honor this historic season, with new items fans will want to hold on to.

“Doing everything we can to bring in anything special and commemorating all these different milestones. It’s really a whirlwind year and keeping up with it has been a little hectic,” Spargur said.

Spargur said they are working towards getting some cold weather gear.

“Working on some outerwear. Getting some sweatshirts, jackets, and some long-sleeve. Gotta get everyone ready for October,” she said.

The St. Louis Cardinals and Papa John’s are teaming up to present fans with a special discount ticket offer for the second-to-last-homestand of the regular season. Fans can purchase $6 Pavilion and Terrace level tickets to watch the Cardinals take on the Milwaukee Brewers on September 13-14 and the Cincinnati Reds on September 15.

A limited number of these specially-priced tickets will be available while supplies last. Tickets are limited to eight per customer. To purchase tickets, visit