ST. LOUIS – According to fans, the weather on Monday has been cooler, calmer, and very much Cardinals-approved. By the afternoon, much of the city was spending more time outside than indoors.

“Every day is a new day,” said Phil Melcher, director of security for the St. Louis Cardinals. “I think it’s great. Hopefully, it brings a lot more fans out.”

A few hours later, that was the reality in Ballpark Village prior to the first pitch against the Oakland Athletics.

“It’s been very hot the past couple weeks, so I like that it’s nice and cool today,” said members of the Jones family, happy to see the weather holding out during their time in Ballpark Village ahead of the game.

Even the Cardinals team staff is happy to see the change in climate.

“This is great because I don’t have to change shirts midway through the game,” Melcher said.

Cardinals fans are enjoying their stadium seats with few concerns beyond the diamond.

With the weather expected to stay cooler and calmer over the next few days, the Cardinals hope the city will join them at Ballpark Village for inductions into the team’s hall of fame.