ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Cardinals fans entering Busch Stadium Tuesday were sharing some of their fondest memories of legendary broadcaster and World Series champion Mike Shannon.  

The contest marked the team’s first home game since fans learned of the passing of the St. Louis native.

“He had the redbird blood in him all the way,” said Dennis Vlasak, one of the fans attending Tuesday night’s game. 

“He really did care for St. Louis and the area,” said Linda Howe, a Georgia resident who grew up listening to Shannon’s broadcasts. 

She attended Tuesday night’s game with her husband, Jeff. He fondly recalled listening to broadcasts involving Shannon and Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Buck. 

“It was like you were there,” he said. 

“Those guys would bring a game to you the way you feel every pitch, every hit, and every moment of it,” said Darrel Watson, a longtime St. Louis Cardinals fan. 

Vlasak proudly wore a Shannon jersey to Tuesday night’s game.

“I feel proud to wear it as a Cardinals fan and as a Shannon fan,” he said. 

Fans said Shannon helped instill a sense of pride in not only being a Cardinals fan but also in anyone with ties to St. Louis.