ST. LOUIS – Cardinals fans packed Busch Stadium Friday for the first home game in a while to watch Pujols make history as he nears home run number 700 for his last season with the team.

Local and out-of-state fans from Tennessee, Alabama, or Portland, Oregon, came out to watch Pujols play.

A massive crowd waited for hours to get in early hoping to see Pujols hit 700 home runs.

“I want to see Pujols get to 700,” said Shelly Steiner, a Cardinals fan. “I want to see him pass A-Rod.”

“He’s a superstar, there’s none of them out there like him anymore,” said a Cardinals fan from Alabama.

There are fewer games left where you can see Pujols in person before he retires at the end of the season.

“This is going to be our 14th game of the year so far,” said Mike Steiner. “We live about three hours away, we come here all the time.” This team, I think particularly since the all-star break has really come back.”

The Cardinals will play the Atlanta Braves at home all weekend. There’s plenty of time to see Pujols and cheer on the whole team as their hopes set on competing for a chance at the division title.