ST. LOUIS – Postseason baseball is back, and Cardinal Nation is ready for its close-up. When the calendar turns to October, St. Louis turns red.

Tickets are tough to find, playoff beards grow thick, and Cardinals fans are ready for their team to take a bite out of the competition.

Jamie Goss and her friends Becky Johns and Greta Bryant, who are from southern Illinois, have a tradition they do for every Cardinals game.

“We wear them every opening day and every postseason. Different wig every time,” Goss said. “These started out as little short tinsel wigs, and they’ve evolved into this.”

Hudson Bills, 11, went to Friday’s postseason game to see the Cardinals play.

“I want to see Yadier Molina and all those amazing players out there,” Bills said.

Bills, his little brother Phoenix, and dad Jamison flew to St. Louis last night from Austin, Texas to see the game with their grandpa.

“Having Pujols, Wainwright, and Yadi, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without seeing these kiddos see them play, especially in this playoff atmosphere,” Jamison said. “We’re going to have the time of our lives today.”

Jaimeson said the trip was long, but they hoped the experience was timeless.

“They don’t know now, but I think they’ll look back on this, some of these pictures and memories we’re creating, and they’ll cherish them forever,” he said.