ST. LOUIS – St. Louis baseball fans left Friday’s wild card game against the Philadelphia Phillies feeling down, but not out. The team held a 2-0 lead heading into the ninth inning, but lost the first game of the three-game series by a score of 6-3.

“We’ll be back tomorrow, and we’re going to even it up,” said Lonnie Boga, a St. Louis Cardinals fan. “I guarantee you that.”

Some fans dismissed the loss as a one-inning debacle. They believe the veteran leaders on this year’s team can help prevent Friday’s loss from affecting the team negatively on Saturday. Others questioned the timing of some of the pitching changes made by the team’s manager.

“They’re going to come back tomorrow,” said Joanie Hitt, a St. Louis Cardinals fan. “They’re the Cardinals.”

A large crowd of fans gathered at Ballpark Village to watch Friday’s game. Some of them watched in the plaza area. They plan to return and believe the Cardinals will be ready for the next game.

“We came out here a little rusty today, but we’ll get them tomorrow,” said Derico Chatman, another St. Louis Cardinals fan.

Saturday’s game is scheduled for 7:37 p.m. at Busch Stadium.