ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A St. Louis County man convicted of killing a 94-year-old woman, whom he provided care for, was sentenced Friday to life in prison.

Back in May, a jury found 58-year-old Tommie Coffer Jr. guilty of first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the 2017 death of Geneva Richardson.

Prosecutors said he “brutally murdered” Richardson on December 18, 2017, after she confronted him about stealing money from her. Coffer reportedly wrote $7,000 in her personal checks to himself that month.

“It takes a special kind of evil to kill a 94-year-old woman over money and to try to pin the murder on his own mother shortly before Mother’s Day,” said St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell.

The night of the murder, police said a ride-share driver dropped Coffer off at an intersection in Ferguson. Officers searched the area and found evidence discarded at two locations near the dropoff point, including shirts and a pillow soaked in the victim’s blood. They also found a broken skillet, used as one of several murder weapons.

A Florissant police detective also traced bank transactions that showed funds were transferred from Richardson to Coffer through forged checks in the weeks leading up to the murder.

Prosecutors also said the victim had severe cuts on her fingers, showing she put up a fight.

“Our trial team and I thank the jury for having the courage to finish the fight and finish the story for the victim and her family,” said Bell.

Coffer will not be eligible for parole.