PEMISCOT COUNTY, Mo. – Food and agricultural giant Cargill, Inc. will break ground next year on a new soybean processing plant in southeast Missouri.

This facility, located along the Mississippi River between Hayti and Caruthersville, will add approximately 45 full-time jobs when it’s fully operational in 2026. At present, Cargill employs nearly 1,200 people across 11 locations in Missouri.

A corporate spokesman said the facility will operate year-round and have an expected annual production of 62 million bushels of soybeans.

Missouri ranks sixth in the country for soybean production. The crop is also Missouri’s number one farm export.

Most soy is used to feed livestock. Soybeans can also be converted into biofuels, as well as vegetable and industrial oils. It’s also used as protein alternatives like soy milk and tofu.