CREVE COEUR, Mo – On Monday at 7:13 p.m., Trish Mayfield was getting gas at her local station when she noticed something was wrong.

“As soon as I put the nozzle into my gas tank, I heard my engine start,” Mayfield said. “I walked around my car to get in, and it took off.”

A surveillance video showed a car pulling up twice, and the thieves struck the second time. They got in her vehicle and drove off. It all occurred in a matter of seconds.

“It was just so chaotic, and it just all happened so fast,” Mayfield said. “The officer told me it was 28 seconds that the whole thing happened. It was crazy. The thought of locking my car to pump gas when I’m not leaving my car never even entered my mind, this is my neighborhood. I felt safe.”

It’s not just the car itself; it’s everything stolen inside that she said has made it a nightmare.

“My whole purse was in the car, had my wallet, my passports, my phone, my everything,” Mayfield said.

Neither her car nor any suspects have been found.

According to the police, three cars have been stolen recently at the Mobil On The Run gas station off Olive Boulevard and Schulte Road.

Another carjacking was also caught on camera, this time on New Year’s Eve.

“Maybe we have to get more security to come here more regularly,” said Yude Huang, a driver.

“It’s a horrible thing to do to people, and hopefully justice will be served,” said John Kristen.

Police encouraged anyone with information to come forward.