IMPERIAL, Mo. – The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after thieves reportedly stole two cars and rummaged through others overnight in Imperial.

Authorities first learned of such incidents around 3 a.m. Saturday, according to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office. One person reported that two people, one in a gray or silver Chrysler 300 and another in a white Mazda, were driving suspiciously around the area of Kensington Court.

Later on, the Mazda was found abandoned around the area. Investigators say it was stolen while the owner was asleep. The Chrysler 300 has not been found since the tip.

While investigating, Jefferson County deputies reviewed multiple videos and learned that multiple unlocked vehicles had been rummaged through in Wellington Place. Many victims informed deputies that items were not stolen from their cars.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reminds people to keep valuables, particularly guns, out of their cars to avoid such situations. No arrests have been reported from