ST. LOUIS – Some Catholic schools could avoid shutting down next month.

According to FOX 2’s partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, more closures were expected to happen in the second phase of the archdiocese’s “all things new” downsizing plan, but some pastors seem to want to keep campuses open despite struggling with low enrollment.

Officials say there are now 19,000 students across the archdiocese, which covers St. Louis and ten counties in eastern Missouri. That’s down from 40,000 students in 2000. Pastors could either close schools, merge with others, or come up with a three-year plan to increase student enrollment.

At least 25 of the 82 schools met with education officials. Recommendations for school closures are due on December 8. In August, 35 parishes closed, and 15 others merged as part of the plan.