EUREKA, Mo. – If you are into thrills and stomach flips, Six Flags in Eureka has a new ride coming this season called the CATWOMAN Whip.

The ride was supposed to open in 2020, but it was delayed two years by the pandemic. The CATWOMAN Whip features a giant arm that launches guests 16-stories into the air while they spin around in a giant vertical circle. The unique open-air pods simultaneously flip riders head-over-heels. As riders soar upward, the circular rotation continues for a thrilling, one-of-a-kind experience. The opening date for the ride has not yet been announced.

Six Flags St. Louis opened the season on April 2 with some new attractions.

Some of those new attractions include Six Flags’ new Low Sensory Space, more relaxation stations, and Hurricane Harbor’s new Adventure Cove area.