ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis County Police Department released surveillance video Tuesday that shows a suspect running away and firing shots at officers after a traffic stop attempt.

**WARNING: Viewer discretion advised for video, provided by the St. Louis County Police Department.**

Taiwansley Jackson, 42, is accused of firing shots at officers after he got out of a car near McLaren Avenue and Goodfellow Boulevard. Before that, police say they noticed him driving recklessly and tried to pull him over.

The incident unfolded on Feb. 21. After police initially attempted a traffic stop near Jennings Station and Halls Ferry roads, the driver rushed away. Police followed the driver to McLaren Avenue and Goodfellow Boulevard, where he struck light poles and stopped.

As officers approached the driver, he reportedly got out of the car and started firing shots. The St. Louis County Police Department says the fleeing suspect was struck by a police vehicle while shooting at officers.

In video released Tuesday as a “critical incident briefing,” police shared video from several angles of the suspect’s encounter with police. It shows a gun and shots fired in the direction of officers. Two angles not included in the video above show the suspect being struck by an officer’s car.

In the critical incident briefing, the St. Louis County Police Department explains what led up to the shots fired, explain a policy followed in that situation and showed photographs of evidence.

Prosecutors have charged Jackson with armed criminal action, first-degree assault, resisting arrest and unlawful possession of a firearm in the case. He has an arraignment hearing scheduled for next Wednesday.