MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Two men were caught on camera stealing a $7,500 Boy Scout trailer on Valentine’s Day. Police are asking for the public’s help to find them. 

Less than 10 minutes away in St. Ann, Maryland Heights police catch a break. 

Two thieves are caught on multiple cameras at a QuikTrip off St. Charles Rock Road. Shortly after the crime, they are seen getting gas, cleaning their windshield, and even stepping inside to get snacks. 

“It’s pretty bold, and I think that tells a lot about their character,” said Shaun Terry, a detective for the Maryland Heights Police Department. 

Surveillance video showed the red 1999–2001 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer they used to steal the trailer, which was still attached to the vehicle at the time. 

Police hope the footage will result in new leads to catch the thieves and get the trailer back for the troops that rely on it and the derby race equipment inside. 

“The fact that they victimized a local organization that helps these kids out, raises them, and makes them better kids,” Terry said. “It’s frustrating that they’re stealing from them and that they don’t have any remorse or sympathy.” 

The two men are described as between the ages of 35-55 years old. Neither they nor the trailer has been seen since. 

“To come here with all these cameras, I guess they weren’t paying attention,” said Detra Avery, a QuikTrip customer. “That wasn’t really smart; that’s crazy. I hope they’re caught.” 

“My granddaughter is in Girl Scouts, so the way they fundraise and do all the different things, that would be hard on them,” Freddie Williams said. “You’re taking something they’ve been working hard for.” 

The derby races they were working hard for have now been rescheduled until further notice. 

If anyone recognizes the suspects or the car, you are asked to contact Maryland Heights Police Department Detective Shaun Terry at 314-920-0384 or