ST. LOUIS — Surveillance cameras captured a driver speeding through an intersection and slamming into another vehicle in south St. Louis. The high-flying crash has city leaders and residents speaking out about dangerous intersections throughout the area.

Randy Vines is the co-creator of STL Styles. He said this past weekend, a driver failed to stop at an intersection in front of his business, located near the corner of Compton and Cherokee streets.

That driver slammed into multiple vehicles, and Vines’ security cameras captured footage of the incident.

“Completely disregarded the stop sign and smashed into an oncoming vehicle that was turning, causing them to both spin out,” said Vines. “Major damage to both cars and serious injuries to a number of people involved,“ said Randy Vines
Vines said it was terrifying to watch the crash unfold. He said the intersection is dangerous, and it’s not the first time something like this has happened at this location. Another incident shows where a pedestrian was almost hit.
“If I can count the number of close calls we witness on a regular basis, where if a pedestrian or another car happened to be in the intersection, it would be a tragedy on a regular basis,” Vines said.
Vines said there is a growing concern among other business owners and residents throughout the city about numerous intersections that are not safe.

“This is something where they have zero regards for stop signs as if they don’t exist at all,” Vines said. “Not only that, the speed coupled with not observing the stop signs is just a lethal combination.”
City leaders said they are working on a plan to try and make streets safer.
“This is one intersection in a city full of traffic-calming needs. We have an enormous problem with speeding cars and safety on our streets,” said St. Louis Alderwoman Cara Spencer. “We just broke ground this week actually on the city’s first calm street. That stretch of Louisiana can be a model for how we can start to calm streets through infrastructure and other parts of the city.”