ST. LOUIS — Celebrate Taco Tuesday with $5 off DoorDash orders over $15 on September 12 from over 20,000 local Mexican restaurants. Taco Bell and the food delivery service are funding up to $5 million worth of orders to celebrate the liberation of the term “Taco Tuesday.”

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In July, Taco Bell freed of trademark restrictions on “Taco Tuesday” from the Taco John’s restaurant chain. In a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Cheyenne-based Taco John’s gave up any further claim to “Taco Tuesday” in 49 states, ending a high-profile spat with Taco Bell.

“While Tuesdays hold a special place in our heart and will continue to do so, this celebration isn’t just about opening up a taco tab. It’s about championing every individual who makes, sells, eats and celebrates tacos. This Taco Tuesday is for them,” states Taco Bell U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, Taylor Montgomery.

While “Taco Tuesday” has become a well-known phrase often used at restaurants and elsewhere, Taco John’s has worked hard to defend its more than 40-year-old trademark of the term in the 49 states besides New Jersey. 

Many restaurants faced legal risks by using the term Taco Tuesday before this summer’s legal change. Some of them received cease-and-desist notices from Taco John’s.

How do you get the deal?

Visit to check out the full list of participating restaurants. DoorDash users will receive $5 off any order over $15 at participating Mexican restaurants for one day only, Tuesday, September 12, using code TACOTAB.