UNIVERSITY, Mo. – A community came together to show support for a showcase put on by the Central Visual and Performing Arts High School body, two months after a deadly shooting that left two people dead and several injured.

Students from CVPA on Friday used songs and dance as a vehicle for good.

“It brings encouragement to the soul, healing to the soul,” said Dr. Phillip Woodmore, a producer.

The relief showcase at the Center of Creative Arts has been a base for CVPA teachers since the shooting.

The event allowed a community still grieving to channel its trauma into something inspiring.

“This is my chance to be heard, and for something like that to happen to me,” said Dachelle Miller, a performer, and student at CVPA. “This is my sign to go out there and encourage people.”

Miller is a sophomore at CVPA and a survivor of the shooting. She wrote a poem for the show that encapsulates the emotion felt by so many.

“Why me, why them, why us, what did we do? What did we do?” Miller said. “And this is why I have to persevere.”

The call to push forward was shared by the 150 singers, dancers, actors, and poets.

“We should all try and do something positive whenever tragedy hits our lives,” said Robert Crenshaw, showcase producer, and CVPA graduate. “I don’t know any other way to help.”

This event helped breathe life into those affected like Crenshaw’s brother, another survivor. The showcase also brought a sense of peace and comfort to a school struck by tragedy.

“It will provide people a sense of peace, it will give people moments throughout the show where they can laugh, cheer, cry,” Crenshaw said. “I just want to allow people a space to do all that.”

All the proceeds from the showcase will go directly to the school.