ST. LOUIS – A move to regulate short-term rental properties in St. Louis City is put on hold, at least for now, by a St. Louis planning board.

The details on this story are appearing in FOX 2’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch partners. The short-term home rentals at issue are found a lot on websites like Airbnb and Vrbo. The potential regulations are being looked at by members of the St. Louis Planning Commission.

City documents detail the regulations being considered. They would require operators of short-term rentals to obtain a permit that would be renewed every year. A business license would be required for non-owner occupied short-term rentals to be granted a permit.

The possible regulations would also require operators to designate a contact person who would be responsive and available at all times.

Short-term rentals currently operate in St. Louis City without any regulations. Supporters of regulations say they are needed to make sure the properties are safe and that there is some kind of oversight in place. The planning commission met Wednesday to discuss the regulation issue.

The Post-Dispatch reported that the planning commission agreed to have staff members clarify some of the changes before the commission possibly recommends anything to the full board of aldermen.

Some short-term rentals have been controversial in recent years because of parties that have gotten out of hand and in some cases led to crimes taking place. It’s understood that the commission could again consider the issue next month.