ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Three west St. Louis residents are charged with assault for attempting to shoot the ex-boyfriend of one of the defendants.  

Diamond Johnson, 22, Pierre Watson-Johnson, 20, and Michael Buress, 29, are all charged with assault. Watson-Johnson and Buress also face charges for having a gun during the assault. 

On August 31, 2023, in University City, police were called to Avalon Avenue and Sutter Avenue for a report of gunshots. They found a person with gunshot wounds who claimed his ex-girlfriend, Diamond Johnson, shot him. Police discovered shell casings at the scene. 

Johnson told police she contacted Pierre Watson-Johnson to confront the victim. Watson-Johnson then got Michael Buress, both armed with guns, and they went to the victim’s place but didn’t find him. They later spotted the victim at Avalon and Sutter avenues, where Buress shot at him. 

After the shooting, Buress and Watson-Johnson ran away, and Johnson drove off. Surveillance footage showed the victim being shot at. 

The court set bonds for Johnson at $100,000 and for Watson-Johnson and Buress at $150,000 – all cash-only.