Chesterfield creeks overflow with wastewater after storms


CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Clean up and assessment by MSD is ongoing Monday morning. Power outages from the weekend storms caused pump stations to shut down and wastewater overflowed into two creeks.

It means there could be wastewater issues in at least two Chesterfield area creeks. One of the impacted creeks is very close to the Chesterfield Commons.

MSD officials said while there is no immediate threat to public health or safety, they are warning people to avoid contact with the impacted areas.

MSD spokesperson Sean Hadley said wastewater overflow went into Bonhomme Creek along the Monarch-Chesterfield Levee Trail behind the Commons and Caulks Creek in a wooded area west of Crystal Spring Drive.

Clean up will be happening in those two areas along with other portions of Bonhomme Creek that are east and north of Highway 40.

Hadley said about four of five pump stations were impacted by the power outages leading to the overflows. Sewer service has not been impacted.

Hadley said MSD crews brought power generators to the pump station sites to get the stations back into service.

“We did see some overflows from several different pump stations which we will have to do an assessment and probably do a clean up tomorrow where the overflows are and make sure they’ve ceased. For the most part they’ve all been stopped and most of the stations have power back to them now,” Hadley told FOX 2 on Thursday.

Warning signs have been posted in the impacted areas. People are being asked to avoid physical contact with Bonhomme and Caulks Creek for a week. Anyone who comes into contact with wastewater should immediately and thoroughly wash themselves with soap and water.

MSD reported the overflows to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

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