Chesterfield Police investigating many weekend car break-ins


CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – A series of car break-ins over the weekend in Chesterfield have residents and police on alert.

“Late Friday night into Saturday mornings, we had calls for people had entered cars and stolen things and we had two cars stolen as well,” said Sgt. Keith Rider, Chesterfield Police Department. “All these cars were in the same general area and left unlocked. The ones that were stolen, the key fobs were left in the vehicles.”

Chesterfield Police received calls about a series of car break ins over a number of neighborhoods like Glenfield Ridge Court and Woodcliffe Place Drive.

Two cars were stolen.

FOX 2 received word that attempted break-ins occurred in the Clarkson Valley subdivision and Timber Point Court.

“Back in the old days with keys, people would remember to lock their car and go in,” Rider said. “With a key fob, it’s easy to forget but we have to make that reminder to bring that key fob inside with us. These people who come to do these things aren’t hotwiring cars. They’re going for the easy targets, which is an unlocked car and keys left in the car.”

Along a stretch of Chesterfield Valley is a sign reminding residents to “Lock It or Lose It.”

“What we see is a lot of doorbell cameras turned into us and a group will fan out and, on their way,” Rider said. “Once they get in, they’re looking for the obvious places you look for valuables: glove compartments, back seats. One thing we do see a lot of times these people are armed as well, literally with guns in one hand and checking door handles with the other. If we can get this out to the public is don’t confront them, call 911 and we’ll be out there.”

Chesterfield Police are asking anyone with doorbell cameras that might have seen something to contact authorities.

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