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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – The name Terrell Moore might not ring a bell. But Moore, 27, is well-known to police throughout the St. Louis area, particularly in communities where there is a shopping mall.

“There are people who we arrest every day for shoplifting. Everyone knows who Terrell Moore is – he’s the biggest booster in St. Louis,” Chesterfield Police Officer Jason Bromwich said.

Bromwich is a member of the department’s Special Enforcement Unit (SEU). Since 2017, he has been tracking Moore’s moves, at both stores and online.

As it turns out, Moore’s presence on social media is big, and it has gotten him big bucks. Bromwich said Moore is a habitual shoplifter who would steal from stores throughout Missouri, and then sell the items over Facebook.

An investigation was initiated by examining Moore’s Facebook page, which was open to the public.

That’s when “Operation No Moore” went into play. Chesterfield Police wrote a search warrant and presented it to Facebook, which provided more than 39,000 pages about nothing other than stealing.

The Facebook information allowed police to obtain a court order for electronic surveillance, tracking all of Moore’s movements throughout the Midwest.

That led the SEU to Moore’s home base – his mother’s home in Ferguson.

“Terrell lived with his mother and sister. His mother opened up the door. They allowed the officers into the home,” Chesterfield SEU Officer Matt Pousson said. “He was very shocked to see the number of officers in his home. He was not expecting this.”

Inside the basement, police found hundreds of items of clothing, shoes, and other merchandise, totaling more than $10,000 in value. Many of the items still had security sensors and price tags attached.

Warrants were issued for Moore by St. Louis County. Moore also has an active warrant for stealing out of Franklin County and another for stealing out of St. Charles County.