ST. LOUIS – An investigation is underway after a school bus struck a 13-year-old boy riding a bicycle in north St. Louis on Thursday.

The collision happened just after 4 p.m. near North Broadway and Blase Avenue in the Baden neighborhood.

Dee Buckner said just moments before the block turned into complete chaos, she sold the teen a hot dog.

“He was just very happy and smiling, and then, like 20 seconds later, I see him bloody, it was a shock,” Buckner said.

She said the moments went by quickly as first responders helped the teen after he was struck by a school bus.

“He was trying to get up, but like I said, they were trying to keep him calm, you know, so that he wouldn’t get up,” Buckner said. “He was still alert.”

One woman said she saw the teen riding his bike on the street and thought he was trying to cross the street but did not make it in time.

“I know that bus couldn’t stop in enough time to slow down, for not sure if he was trying to cross the road or so, but either way it go they still collided,” Buckner said. “The kids on the bus and the lady who accidentally hit him was very terrified, and you know, everybody was just in shock.”

Officers said the teen was taken to the hospital with a head injury.

Buckner said she hopes he will be okay.

“Him and his family are definitely in my prayers. I wish him a fast, speedy recovery, and I hope that everyone can be very careful,” she said. “I understand, you know it’s a lot of fast drivers, but you know people just need to pay attention and look out for everybody.”

The police have not yet confirmed what might have caused or led up to the crash. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is handling the investigation.