ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Several police departments, Cardinals baseball legends, and others in the St. Louis community teamed up to spread some holiday cheer on Saturday.

“I was in my house, and I heard sirens, so I didn’t know what was going on, and when I saw Santa’s car, I got really happy,” Kariana Shotwell said.  

The ten-year-old went home with Barbies, coloring books and a Lego box.

“This has never happened to me before, so it’s really exciting,” Shotwell shared.  

Scott Collett is the St. Ann Police Commissioner. He and Billy Mayhall started STL Youth Sports Outreach eight years ago. Saturday marks the group’s annual ‘Christmas in the Streets’ event.

“We started out with like three or four families, and now it’s morphed into thousands of families,” Collett revealed. “It’s just a lot of people getting together and doing a lot of work. We get the toys; the Marine Corps helps out with Toys for Tots. We also do toy drives, which bring in toys.” 

More than 100 brand-new bikes were donated for this event. Several trailers and truck beds were filled with toys to be distributed in Wellston, St. Ann, Woodson Terrace, and St. John. They started on Rex Avenue in Breckenridge Hills.  

“This street’s always our first stop,” Mayhall shared. “I grew up at the house behind us; this is where I grew up for 20 something years. So this is my neighborhood; this is my stomping ground. This is where my heart will always be.” 

Cardinals alumni Scott Cooper, Lonnie Maclin, John Costello, and Al Hrabosky were there to surprise families too.

“It’s my first time doing it, but anytime we can help out the kids and the police department also, I think it’s really goodwill,” Hrabosky said. “The kids love it. I think Santa was a little unkind to us with the weather. It’s a little cold, but anytime you can show some support to the community, it’s always a plus.” 

On Sunday, December 18, Christmas in the Streets will be stopping in Troy, Missouri.