Christmas tree seller receives several truckloads of fresh trees


ST. LOUIS – Warnings of a nationwide Christmas tree shortage earlier in the season had a lot of people worried. Many locations around the St. Louis area are out or just left with a small selection, but one company announced they received multiple tractor-trailer loads of fresh trees.

Sullivan Farms has large a huge selection and five locations to get your trees in time.

Lynn Sullivan, owner of Sullivan Farms, said he gets dozens of calls from customers often, even hours before the business is open.

“Most of the calls are do you still have trees? And I continue to tell them we have lots of trees. So don’t worry, we got a tree for you,” he said.

Sullivan said they’ve been in business for 32 years, and they buy trees from growers nationwide, which helped them a lot of they were running low.

“We were able to pick up four extra truckloads of trees last Wednesday and Thursday. So that’s helped us make it through the weekend and, hopefully, for the next couple of days,” Sullivan said.

He says there’s been a nationwide shortage for a few years. Last year’s shortage with COVID was bad.

“This year was even worse it was harder to even purchase trees this year because a lot of the growers that people buy from were running out of trees,” he said.

Fortunately, the truckloads of trees came just in time. Especially for Phillip Malawey and his family.

“I absolutely love this business and I appreciate that they go through the trouble of doing this because we come here for Halloween, to get our pumpkins, we come here for the Christmas trees,” Malawey said.

And more importantly, they go there just to have some good old family fun.

“They love to come out here, and then we fight over the colors you know because all the trees have different colors and different prices. I tend to like the prices on the shorter end, they like the prices on the longer end. So we just have fun together,” Malawey said.

For a list of their five locations, you can visit

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