ST. LOUIS – Worshipers greeted each other and caught up with friends on Easter Sunday ahead of the morning worship service at Twin Rivers Church.

Katie Chamberlain said she’s been coming to Twin Rivers Church for 34 years.

“Feeling so great! I’ve got my kids here, it’s a beautiful day we’re excited about, we had church, and we’re going to go hang out with family after this, have an egg hunt,” she said.

Nolan Manning said coming to church on Easter Sunday is important to him and his family.

“To my family, definitely, it’s about [the] relationship with Jesus Christ. I was born and raised in a Christian home, so it’s been something that I didn’t have to do, but it’s something I really wanted to do, which is come to Easter church with my family every year,” he said.

People at Twin Rivers Church said they were excited and happy for Easter this year. And as they keep their family and friends in their prayers, they’re also keeping others in their prayers.

“That we all come together because really just like…our country needs it. We’re so divided,” Chamberlain said. “Coming together and showing love, no matter your race, creed, gender.”

“There’s a lot of goofiness going on out there. And we have to just really pray against things happening,” said Steve Sheehan.

“I just think that the younger generation has so much power and potential to really truly change the world. And I think that’s something that we really want to be praying for – for sure,” said Manning.