ST. LOUIS – Rain or shine, Cinco de Mayo traditions at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant are a go. But bar manager Joe Schad says it’ll be a lot simpler if the weather cooperates.

“We’ll put up more tents than we normally would, hoping that it’ll come and go. Last year, we had the same situation and it worked out fine,” Schad said. “We’re hoping for the best and we’ll accommodate as we go.”

Friday’s chance of rain looks highest in the morning, with just hit or miss showers later in the day.

And with this forecast, preparations are well underway for Hacienda’s biggest day of the year. They’re anticipating larger crowds since it’s falling on a Friday.

“I’m hoping for tomorrow and, this is just me, I’m hoping that maybe you know anywhere from 4,000 people on-and-off throughout the day, kind of coming and going situation, would be nice,” Schad said.

The staff here is looking forward to the party in the wake of the pandemic.

“It’s a first celebration of spring kind of situation where the weather’s changed. It’s a really nice time. The pandemic is all over and finished, so it’s nice to have people come out and really enjoy themselves. That’s what we’re looking forward to,” he said.

Schad jokingly putting in his order for perfect weather, but a great time will be had regardless.

“FOX 2 has promised me no rain, sunny, 70 degrees; so, we’ll see what happens,” he said.