ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A small, but popular locally-owned movie theater in St. Charles is planning to reopen soon, several years after a devastating fire and COVID-19 delays.

The St. Andrews Cinema has shared a series of Facebook posts this week indicating that it expects to reopen, possibly as soon as 2023. Organizers have not yet announced a potential reopening date.

The cinema has drawn large crowds for decades, oftentimes offering $1 shows for movies that just left large theater chains. In late 2019, a fire caused significant damage to the building, and it would require significant repairs before staff could consider reopening the site.

According to a Facebook post Thursday, the current plan is to reopen St. Andrews Cinema “as an operable, community-centered movie theatre with a sizable emphasis on live events, outdoor attractions, special programming, and rentals.”

Organizers say the building still needs some major upgrades, particularly to its plumbing and electrical systems. There are also cosmetic transformations in the work for several stages and theater rooms.

As for the dollar shows, the cinema staff says it is hopeful to figure out a way to bring back that experience and offer “affordable entertainment” upon reopening. The site also hopes for the return of car shows, flea markets and Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings.

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