ST. LOUIS, Mo. – After three generations in the James family, the Hi-Pointe Theatre is getting a new owner. Cinema St. Louis is acquiring the movie theater and will make it their new base of operations in January 2023.

The landmark at the intersection of McCausland and Clayton near Forest Park opened in 1922. It is the oldest locally owned and continuously-operating art house theater in St. Louis. The James family acquired it in 1977 and helped turn it into the movie house we know today.

“We know that Cinema St. Louis is the perfect sequel to our story. They share the same passion and vision, and we are confident that they will be able to carry on our family’s legacy for the next 100 years. We thank you for your continued patronage, dedication, and support through the years. We will miss you all,” said a portion of a statement from the James family.

Cinema St. Louis plans to use the space for year-round programs. Plans include creating cinematic experiences that enrich, educate, entertain, and build community. There will also be film festivals, series, and first-run screenings.