ST. LOUIS – After we told you last week about a massive hole left in the middle of a St. Louis street, we’ve found another one up the street and around the corner from the first.

However, things are changing for the better since FOX 2 started looking into the issues.

Last week, you would not have wanted to park on Utah near Ohio. You certainly would not have wanted to step out of your car here along one section, in particular. A near 12’ by 15’ hole in the street surrounded by cones and caution tape but only partially covered with plywood. It wasn’t like that for just a day or two. It was like that for weeks, residents said.

“For over a month,” said Loretta Anderson, who cares for her year-old granddaughter in her home.

“(The hole) was so big, you couldn’t miss it,” Marnae, Loretta’s daughter, said.

So, they were thrilled to see it filled and paved within days of FOX 2 asking the City of St. Louis what was taking so long.

“Peace of mind-wise, I’m very satisfied and less worried about my car getting hit or somebody else losing control of their vehicle and falling off into that hole,” Loretta said.

Just up the street near Nebraska and Utah, there’s another gaping hole (about 4’ by 8’) in the middle of the street that residents said had been left open for about a month.

A City of St. Louis spokesman told FOX 2 that the circumstances behind the two sites were much different, although the issues for residents were much the same.

Back to that first, larger hole on Utah, a city crew working on a water leak left that expecting a contractor to complete a home connection upgrade under a nearby sidewalk.

A city crew replaced the plywood with metal plates after our inquiries. Under pressure from the city, the contractor then completed its work the next day. A city crew filled and paved the hole the day after that.

A private contractor with a permit to do sewer work left the hole on Nebraska, the city spokesman said.

“It’s not important until it happens to them,” Loretta Anderson said. “That’s when there’s a sense of an emergency, and that’s not right.”

The private contractor informed the city that the hole on Nebraska will be paved on Friday.