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ST. LOUIS – The City Museum is an international destination, but that’s not what everyone first predicted.

“Some of the articles when the museum was first opening, they’re like, ‘Nobody is going to come,’” said Maria Cassilly, City Museum archivist and tour manager.

Her late father-in-law, Bob Cassilly, founded the museum 25 years ago. On Thursday, the City Museum opened a new timeline exhibit that will remain in place through the rest of the year.

The museum also held a celebration marking the milestone anniversary and honored those contributing to the museum’s success.

“We’re always building and always adapting,” said Rick Erwin, City Museum’s creative director. “It’s always worth coming back.”

Maria believed ingenuity and passion had led to the museum’s success.

“It’s special because of the people that have worked on it, the people who founded it, and also the people that have continued it on,” she said.

Erwin said he believes the authenticity of the museum is a big reason it is such a popular attraction. Some of the artifacts were items discarded during a demolition phase in St. Louis.

Maria recalls some early critics saying the museum did not have a clear vision.

“The fact that it not only opened but has flourished after this long is really amazing,” she said.

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