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HAZELWOOD, Mo. — The city of Hazelwood warns residents Tuesday that it might have to file for bankruptcy. City services are already being cut.

The city is locked in a court battle with Robertson Fire Protection District over the amount of money the city of Hazelwood must pay each year for services.

Recently, the city spends $4.5 million yearly. Hazelwood city officials said pandemic funds have helped but the funds are running out.

So far, the city has canceled Fourth of July fireworks, fall leaf collection, and spring limp pickup. The city of Hazelwood recreation center is closed.

The mayor said more services will be cut if the city has to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy. Services such as police, fire, and snow removal could be drastically cut if the city files for bankruptcy.

Robertson Fire District has said it is working with the city to come up with a solution. Both sides are currently negotiating in court.