O’FALLON, Mo. – A re-zoning proposal on 11 acres of land in O’Fallon, Missouri, is getting a lot of attention from neighbors.

“My biggest issue as a parent, as a high school teacher, the fact that they want to put a Circle K literally at the corner of Knaust and Mexico,” said Amy Schwendemann. “It’s a super busy intersection as it is.”

Schwendemann lives behind the 11-acre plot of land. She said neighbors have many concerns about the change, including how it will impact the already busy intersection.

“Anybody that has been around high schoolers at arrival time and dismissal time, it’s already a crazy intersection,” she said. “There’s multiple accidents there already. Adding a gas station is going to possibly add to that as well.”

Other neighbors agree that their main concern is the proximity to the high school.

“We don’t think there should be a convenience store that close to the high school,” said Paul Witwer. “There is already one approved at the other end of that field and two just up the street, which lies in the City of St. Peters.”

He said neighbors are in favor of using the land, but not for another gas station.

“We would be very interested in condos there. Office buildings, doctors, offices, things like that,” Witwer said. “What it’s currently zoned for. We’d be all for that even with the extra traffic.”

The O’Fallon Planning and Zoning Commission tabled the item from their agenda Thursday.