ST. LOUIS – As new COVID-19 concerns rise around the United States, the City of St. Louis offered free vaccines Friday afternoon in an effort to help slow the spread.

The vaccines were offered at the Downtown St. Louis License Collector’s Office on Friday afternoon during an annual food truck festival. 

“We, the license collector’s office, used to do things in the rotunda,” says Mavis Thompson, License Collector for the City of St. Louis. “But we couldn’t bring in businesses because of COVID. Also, you can’t sell food in the rotunda. So, we thought, ‘What are we going to do about the business that sell food?’ And we said, ‘Walla! Food truck festival.’” 

This the third year that the license collector’s office has organized the event.

“We always have the health department, and they’re out here doing vaccines and boosters and things like that,” says Thompson.

Food trucks lined up on Market Street outside city hall, offering lunchtime favorites and deserts, for those working in downtown. Many enjoyed the food trucks as the city also administered COVID-19 vaccines.

St. Louis city officials and CDC guidelines recommend when hospital admissions for COVID-19 are high, people should avoid large events and gatherings. With a recent rise in cases nationwide, you might be advised to wear masks or practice social distancing in public. 

As the school year begins, the potential spread of cold, flu, RSV or COVID increases. That’s why the city of St. Louis Department of Health provided COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters, to anyone five years old and above at Friday’s food truck event.

“COVID is still around,” says Thompson. “Matter of fact, I’ve got my mask in my pocket and only took it off because I was talking. We just want people to be safe. not only for you, but your fellow man as well.” 

The City of St. Louis Department of Health estimates they gave COVID-19 Pfizer vaccines to 40 people over the lunch hour Friday.