City of St. Louis will increase parking fines and meter rates


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ST. LOUIS – The City of St. Louis is increasing parking meter rates and parking fines on Oct. 1 to help fund future progress in St. Louis.

The City says, it gives St. Louis a competitive advantage to increase the money generated from parking tickets and fines to stay on track with new advancements in technology generated solutions.

The increase for parking meter rates will be 50 cents. In low demand areas it will jump from $1 to $1.50, and high demand areas it will jump from $1.50 to $2.

The increase for parking fines goes as follows:

Class 1: $15 to $20 (parking meter & street cleaning violations)
Class 2: $25 to $30 (minor parking violations)
Class 3: $40 to $45 (public safety parking violations)
Classes 4 & 5: will remain the same at $100

“We need St. Louis to move into the future with parking and sustainability. By making small increases to the parking fines we can make substantial increases in our technology efforts with on-street parking and garages. We are poised to lean more into contactless and reserve parking as well as sustainable energy sources in reducing the St. Louis’ carbon footprint…these are increases that help fund our future.” ,says City of St. Louis, Treasurer Adam L. Layne

St. Louis Parking Administrator, Leonard Freeman, says St. Louis is still ranked last in the rate for parking fines and has not raised parking fines in over six years.

The City says with these increases they will be able to implement new initiatives with advancements in technology such as dynamic pricing, giving businesses the ability to use parking spaces for outdoor seating, and decreasing traffic during sporting events and concerts.

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