ST. PETERS, Mo. – The City of St. Peters is threatening to take a homeowner to court again over too many sunflowers in their yard.

FOX 2 first covered the story in 2021, when the City of St. Peters took the homeowner Chris Bank to court, but then dropped the case. The city claimed they had received complaints from residents about the sunflowers in Bank’s yard. The city accused him of planting too many.

Bank said he is in compliance with the city ordinance and he is frustrated that he’s going through the same ordeal as last year.

“I feel it’s a complete waste of taxpayer dollars,” said Bank. “They could definitely be used so much more in energy and effort somewhere else in the city. They dropped the case last year, now we’re going back to the same thing, so now I’m confused.”

FOX 2 reached out to St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano who defended the city decision.

“The people been very satisfied with our ordinance that we’ve had for many years, actually it’s been there for 30 years plus,” said Pagano.

The mayor said it’s not a waste of money to pursue this case. He said the city is following along with action since some residents filed complaints over the sunflowers.

Bank said he is eager to see the outcome of this situation this time around.